2-pdr [4 cm/39 (1.575")] Mark VIII

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2-pdr. Mark VII Quad Destroyer Mounting
The second crewman from the left is the crank turner
Note the simple ring sights


Reloading an octuple 2-pdr on HMAS Shropshire
State Library of Victoria Image H98.105/3247


Gunsight on 2-pdr octuple mount
IWM Photograph TR 330


Quad 2-pdr mounts under construction at the Dominion Engineering Works plant in Canada
National Film Board of Canada
Library and Archives Canada Photograph 3196183


2-pdr. Mark VII Quad Mounting
Sketch from B.R. 224/45


Loading a single 2-pdr ca. 1938
State Library of Victoria Image H98.105/3184


Single Mark VIII gun in Mark XV mounting
This mounting was adapted from the 20 mm Oerlikon Mark V mounting
The Mark XVI mounting was very similar


Greasing 2-pdr ammunition aboard HMS Kelvin
IWM Photograph A 2263


2-pdr HV Rounds
Sketch courtesy of Steve Johnson's Cyberheritage Website


Caption from IWM:
"British No 243 Mark IIN fuze (Sectioned), Second World War period (manufactured 1940?).  The No 243 percussion (direct action) fuze was introduced in 1938.  It was of the hammer and shear wire type in aluminium alloy for use in Naval 2-pounder anti-aircraft guns.  The No 243 ran to three 'Marks' and was declared obsolete in 1943 but re-instated in 1946.  It was finally declared obsolete in 1957."
IWM photograph MUN 2753

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Picture of 2-pdr ammunition in belts
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