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This board has been set up as an archive for essays about technical naval matters from various authors.  Anyone may contribute an article for this board by Emailing your write up to  for review and possible inclusion.

Please create submittals in either HTML text, ASCII text (Notepad) or Microsoft Word.  All submittals become the property of NavWeaps, but will not be published in other forms or locations without the permission of the author.

Nathan Okun Naval Gun/Armor Resource
Robert Lundgren Historical Resource
International Naval Research Organization (INRO) Articles

Newest Entries
British Frigate Types - Tony DiGiulian  01 October 2013
Speed Thrills V - A. Stephen Toby  23 June 2011
R2D2 with Attitude:  The Story of the Phalanx Close-In Weapons System (CIWS) - Robert H. Stoner  30 October 2009
Proximity Fuze - What does "VT" Mean? - Tony DiGiulian  21 April 2009

USN Ship Designations - Guy Derdall and Tony DiGiulian
Problems with the Mini-Submarine at Pearl Harbor Theory - Joseph Czarnecki and Tony DiGiulian
Were Armored Flight Decks on British Carriers Worthwhile? - Stuart Slade and Richard Worth
Kamikaze Damage to US and British Carriers - Tony DiGiulian
Analysis of the Battle of Dong Hoi - Stuart Slade
The Battle of Dong Hoi - Alternative Views - Larry Rouse and William W. Berry
Destruction of the Bismarck - Stuart Slade
The Crack in Missouri's Barbette III - R. A. Landgraff
Do Battleships move sideways when they fire? - R. A. Landgraff and Greg Locock
Naming of Warships in the Imperial Japanese Navy - William Lise
German Radar in World War II - Erwin F. Sieche
Speed Thrills I - Fastest Battleships? - Tony DiGiulian
Speed Thrills II - Max Speed of the Iowa Class Battleships - Tony DiGiulian
Speed Thrills III - Max speed of nuclear-powered aircraft carriers - Stuart Slade
Speed Thrills IV - Bob Clarke
The Working Environment for German Warship Design in World War I and World War II - Peter Lienau
The Working Environment for German Submarine Design in World War II - Peter Lienau
Longest Gunfire Hit on an Enemy Warship - Tony DiGiulian
What if the Japanese had not Attacked Pearl Harbor?  - Michael Snyder
The Effectiveness of Japanese Torpedo Strategy - Joseph Czarnecki
Performance of US Battleships at Surigao Strait - Joseph Czarnecki
"N-squared Law" - Joseph Czarnecki
"What did the USN know about Yamato and when?" - Joseph Czarnecki
A Survey of US Ships Transferred to Britain in Exchange for Western Hemisphere Basing Rights - Joseph Czarnecki with Tony DiGiulian
The Philadelphia Experiment - Tony DiGiulian and Stuart Slade
Naval Warship Museums:  Problems and Potentials - Robert St. Jaques
What caused "The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald?" - Bob Henneman
Naval Limitation Treaties of the 1920s and 1930s - Tony DiGiulian

Ship Design and Construction
Kort Nozzles and Ducted Propellers - Stuart Slade
Understanding Block Coefficients - Stuart Slade
Skeg Design - Stuart Slade
Ship's Covers - Stuart Slade
Towing Tank Tests - Stuart Slade
Metacentric Height - Stuart Slade
Shake, Rattle and Roll (Vibration in ships) - Stuart Slade
Understanding the Prismatic Coefficient - Stuart Slade
Big Propellers - Stuart Slade
Designing a Ship - Stuart Slade
Designing a Propeller - Stuart Slade
Shafting a Ship - Stuart Slade
Effects of Water Depth on Speed Trials - Stuart Slade
The Japanese Ise and Hyuga Hybrid Battleship-Carriers - Stuart Slade
British vs. French Shipbuilding - Stuart Slade and Peter Lienau
German Power Plants in World War II  - Peter Lienau
Stagger Step Welding - R. A. Landgraff
Full Speed Ahead and Crash Stops on Iowa Battleships - R. A. Landgraff
How do you "weigh" a ship? - Al Wellman and Caspar Vermeulen
Why one thick deck is better than two thin ones - Daniel (Cen) Mercer
A Design Criteria for the Optimization of Naval Transverse Bulkheads - Ian Raymond
Nuclear vs. Conventional Marine Power Plants - Al Minyard
Steam Plants  - Michael Snyder
"All or Nothing" Protection - Joseph Czarnecki
The Concept of the Immunity Zone - Joseph Czarnecki
Turboelectric Drive in American Capital Ships - Joseph Czarnecki
A Survey of the American Standard Type Battleship - Joseph Czarnecki
Torpedo Defense Systems - Joseph Czarnecki
Fuel Consumption and Efficiencies in Primemovers of 1920 - Greg Locock
Size of British and US destroyers of the 1930s-40s - Tony DiGiulian

Weapons and Weapon Technology
Definitions and Information about Naval Guns - Tony DiGiulian
Air Defense - Stuart Slade/Larry/Andy Pico
Mine Warfare - Stuart Slade
Radar Frequency Band Designations - Stuart Slade
Radars - Nathan Okun
The Effects of Underwater Explosions - Nathan Okun
Underwater Projectile Hits - Nathan Okun
How Shell Fuzes Work - Nathan Okun
US Armor Plate Types and German Naval Projectiles - Nathan Okun
Defeating Face-Hardened Armor - Nathan Okun
Fire Control and Fire Control on the Prinz Eugen - Nathan Okun
Ballistic Tests on the IJN Shinano's Turret Face Armor - Nathan Okun
The Armor Thickness Necessary to Decap an APC Projectile - Nathan Okun
Decapping Revisited - Nathan Okun
Projectile AP Caps - Nathan Okun
Notes on Modern Armor - Nathan Okun
Kirishima's hit on South Dakota - Nathan Okun
Projectile Designs of the French and Italian Navies - Nathan Okun
Propellant in World War I and World War II - Wee Dave and Nathan Okun
Projectile Dynamics - Bill Jurens
Shell Aerodynamics 101 - Matt Ossip
How to Hide a Task Force - Andy Pico
The Mark 51 FCS - Gene Slover
Selsyn and Synchro Devices - Gene Slover
The Mark 1 Fire Control Computer - Gene Slover
Roll, Pitch and Yaw - Fire Control Problems and Mark 1/1A Solutions - Gene Slover
Fire Control Systems in World War II - Tony DiGiulian
Calculating crh - Tony DiGiulian
Pounders! - Tony DiGiulian
US Naval Gun Production During World War I - Tony DiGiulian
US Naval Gun Mount Production During World War II - Tony DiGiulian
Muzzle Flash - Tony DiGiulian
The British High Altitude Control System (HACS) - Tony DiGiulian
Naval Propellants - A Brief Overview - Tony DiGiulian
Why Magazines are Refrigerated - Al Wellman
The British 16"/45 Mark I Gun and Mounting - Terry Duncan
German Turret Designations - Peter Lienau
German Optical Rangefinders - Peter Lienau
Crosley's Secret War Effort - The Proximity Fuze - Ed Jennings
The U.S. Merchant Marine Civilian Warships of World War II and their Armament - James V. Shannon
Post-World War II Acoustic ASW Torpedo Development - James V. Shannon
Overview of USN and IJN Warship Ballistic Computer Design - Bradley Fischer
Sympathetic Detonation of 16"/50 HC Projectiles - Michael M. Swisdak, Jr. and Francis B. Porzel

Contributor Biographies
Joseph Czarnecki
Richard A. Landgraff
Allan D. Minyard
Nathan Okun
Andy Pico
Stuart Slade
Al Wellman


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